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Apple Valley Church of the Nazarene
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  • Saturday, 26 October 2019 from 2:00pm--5:00pm

  • Apple Valley Church of the Nazarene, 12935 Central Rd. Apple Valley, CA

Pony rides, petting zoo, face painter, balloon artist, games and more!!

Open to the public and fun for the whole family.....See you there!!


Sunday's Pick-up Points





“Walking in the Dark” #6  –  Job 4:3-8, 8:3-10, 11:13-20, 13:1-6

    Alexander Nehamas wrote a book called, “On Friendship.”  He writes, “Friendship is difficult to describe.”  Job’s three friends prove how true that really is!

  • Eliphaz tells Job:         “God is angry with you.”
  • Bildad tells Job:          “Your troubles are your own fault.”
  • Zophar tells Job:         “God is punishing you.”

  1. “How can I help a HURTING friend?”

  • Empathize, don’t criticize

  • When you speak, speak CAREFULLY

  1. “Why are his friends so DETERMINED?”

  • Other people’s pain makes us feel anxious and insecure about our own lives.

  • “A man with a true experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.”

  1. “How do caring friends RESPOND?”

  • Note the importance of just being there, sitting, crying, caring and listening with them!

  • One of the most striking things about Job’s friends is that they NEVER asked for God’s help in understanding Job’s problems.  They NEVER pray with him!

  • But Job prayed for his friends …

  • Pay close attention to Jesus’ own words in John 15:12-17“Love one another!”

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