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Sunday's Pick-up Points





John 1:1-14

    John 1:14 contains the truth behind the story of Christmas … John 1 tells us  what really happened 2000 years ago, and what it means for us today – the key words to remember are GRACE and TRUTH.

  1. Jesus Lived AMONG Us

  • At Christmas, Jesus ADDED humanity, but He did not SUBTRACT deity
  • Understand what is means “to pitch a tent”

  1. Jesus Brings GRACE and TRUTH

  • Because Jesus is full of grace, we can come to Him just as we are … because Jesus is full of truth, you can come to Him in complete confidence
  • The challenge of grace and truth that we are facing in the midst of a pandemic
  • We are a people who can’t fix themselves and need repair

  1. Jesus is HERE!

  • What is the “glory” of Christ that John is writing about here?
  • John sees a Jesus who INTERACTS with us
  • Jesus wants to be your “go to” person in every situation

“I love YOU so much … won’t you come home?”

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