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Luke 24:13-32

    We have been living with such high levels of stress and grief … and because of all that, we are facing a mental health crisis like we have never seen before.  So, here we go on a silence-breaking, stigma-busting journey!

“A mental disorder is a medical condition that results in the disruption of a person’s thoughts, moods, behaviors and ability to relate to others that is severe enough that they require some type of intervention or treatment, or they will not be able to function effectively.”    (Dr. Matthew Stanford)

  1. INSIGHTS on the Road
  • Can disappointment and hopelessness make me so blind that I can’t see Jesus at work too?

  1. LESSONS from the Road

Good Friday was the day of pain and agony / Saturday was the day of confusion and misery / Easter Sunday was the day of hope and victory.  That is our life:  Days of pain, confusion and hope!

Jesus gives us a powerful example here of how to deal with people in mental distress:

  1. WALK with them

  1. LISTEN to them

  1. RESPOND wisely

  1. REACH OUT in vulnerability

  • What does a CHURCH do?

C         CARE and support people and families in mental distress

H         HELP with practical needs

U         UNLEASH servant leaders

R         REMOVE the stigma

C         COLLABORATE together

H         offer HOPE  

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