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“It’s My Party and I’ll Have the Head of John the Baptist If I Want To!”

(Jesus Thru Mark’s Eyes – series)       Mark 6:14-29

    As we keep working our way through the Gospel of Mark, we come to a hard, shocking story.  We’re given a glimpse of the real battle we’re living in …

  1. The “Herod” Back-Story

  • It’s confusing, because there are at least 8 different Roman rulers with this same name of Herod!
  • Other key figures:  Herodias / Salome / John the Baptist

  1. Lights, Camera, Action!

  • This sad story plays out at Herod Antipas’ birthday party …
  • John’s death is a preview of the death of Jesus
  • Followers of Jesus are sent into dangerous times and places
  • The story then shifts to Herod and Jesus at His trial  (Lk. 23:8-11)

  1. Life Lessons – we are given some timeless insights from these characters:

  1. Herodias is the poster child for REVENGE

  1. Herod teaches us about the power of PEER PRESSURE

  1. Salome reminds us of the danger of RATIONALIZATION

“I was only following orders.”  (Adolf Eichmann)

  1. John the Baptist is our model of FAITHFULNESS  (see Lk. 7:20-22)

Read the great promise of Psalm 85:8-9 …

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