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Apple Valley Church of the Nazarene – Sunday, July 19, 2020

Mark 2:1-12    (Jesus Thru Mark’s Eyes - series)   Pastor Jeff


    It goes without saying that all of us have a deep hope in our hearts that Jesus can bring healing in our lives … or that His healing can come to a friend or loved one!  As we focus on Jesus’ healing of the paralytic, WHAT DID JESUS SEE …

  1. When He Looked UP?

  • He saw four friends who put actions to their prayers …

  1. When He Looked DOWN?

  • In a surprising moment, when a bed comes down through a roof, Jesus responds as if healing and forgiveness go hand in hand …

  1. When He Looked AROUND?

“The critics and skeptics had no clue Jesus was three chess moves ahead in the game.  He anticipated their reaction and supernaturally sensed their silent protests.”  (Chuck Swindoll)

  1. When He Looked WITHIN?

  • I think Jesus saw you and me on our own mats!

  • My troubles, my problems can be seen as opportunities:  opportunities to encounter the real Messiah, the Christ, to see Him as the answer not just to my FELT needs, but to my DEEPEST needs.

“My son, my daughter, your sins are forgiven!”

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