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“He’s Not Just WITH Us … He’s IN Us!”

Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020

Acts 2:1-13 – Pastor Jeff

   It’s no accident that the day we reopen our sanctuary for worship is the day we also celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church!  Let’s be reminded what Pentecost Sunday was, and is, all about …

  1. POWER  (v. 2)  This led to some amazing results:
  • Physical healings (see Acts 3)
  • Emotional healings
  • Spiritual healings

  1. PURITY  (v. 3)

“The fact is, where you go, the Holy Spirit goes with you.  So, before you go, you’d better ask him if HE wants to go … Many Christians don’t even think about that.  They just drag the Holy Spirit everywhere, into all kinds of things that are dishonoring to His first name, which is HOLY.  The Holy Spirit permanently indwells you.  If you grasp that concept, it could have a life-changing impact on you.”    (David Jeremiah)

  1. PASSION  (v. 4)

Acts 2:6 tells us that people heard the Good News of the Gospel that day in their own language.  Perhaps as many as 40+ different languages were being spoken!

  • The challenge for us is to keep speaking the language of our community
  • “Dangerously Christian” –  a great phrase from Leonard Sweet
  • A fully devoted, completely committed, holy life is built on both a crisis moment AND growth in grace

Here’s one practical decision that can help you to experience a truly personal Pentecost:  Make spiritual transparency and vulnerability your lifetime goal!

Because the longer you follow Christ, the more you tend to hide what’s really going on …

    Everybody says they want to have a “Spirit-filled” church.  But you can only have a “Spirit-filled” church if you have “Spirit-filled” people first!

    JOIN US!  Thursday Night, June 4th at 6:30 PM for our NEW weekly “Zoom In” meeting.  Entry Code is still 749-376-5955.  (PLEASE NOTE:  We will now be meeting just ONCE a week on Zoom – this Thursday meeting replaces our Monday & Friday night gatherings)    

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